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In today’s society education has become a key aspect of leading a good life. Schools and colleges are advancing the methods of educating the children. NCERT is one such factor of education which has always focused on improving the quality of information that is imparted by the education system. The NCERT syllabus has been adopted by the Central Board of Secondary Education also (CBSE) And also the state board.

The NCERT syllabus is specially designed to improve the quality of academic scores of the students along with providing necessary information and knowledge that will not only help students to pass their board exams but also be useful for national level entrance exams like AIIMS, IIT, JEE etc.

About us

We’re here to provide exemplary questions for the NCERT syllabus. NCERT exemplars are a growing trend among education institutes and are adopted by many CBSE schools. These exemplary questions are slowly becoming a necessity for students to study these alongside their main NCERT textbooks. Exemplars have come to rival the Self-studies and guides, that proved to be very useful for exam preparations.

The Exemplars that we provide give a student all the required material and practice he/she requires to be a topper in their board exam.

About the book

Science is a subject that has no boundaries. Through science, today we have all the explanation about the life and forms of life and are aware of our surroundings and how things work. Knowing science is a big deal, there is a science even behind the most insignificant thing like why things fall or why objects can’t move on their own… There’s an explanation for EVERYTHING. Just Imagine this world without So coming back on track, I strongly agree with the fact that Science is a compulsory subject in schools in all the classes, starting from 1st class onwards all the way to 12th class.

Class 9 science Ncert Exemplar solutions provide a large set of questions and answers that are chronologically given and are not too challenging to understand and learn. These exemplary solutions provide important questions for the students to study and prepare during exams. Solving these questions thoroughly can ensure a student over 90% marks. The questions are provided in three sets i.e MCQs ( multiple choice questions), Short answer type questions and Long answer type questions based on the size of each answer. There are 15 chapters in the NCERT science textbook and Exemplary questions are given chapter-wise starting from chapter 1- Matter in our surroundings to chapter 15 – improvement in food resources.

Our website and why it will be useful for you.

Our team at have worked together to provide free online e-books to all those who cannot get their hands on the actual books. The exemplary questions for 9th class science that we have given has been updated to the latest edition of NCERT. Students that seriously study from our provided material will definitely get a good idea about each chapter and will pass his/her exams with flying colours. We provide free exemplar books online that you can download for free in form of a pdf.

Our main objective is to be able to reach those people who are genuinely interested to learn but do not fund the chance to do so. Through our website, anybody can gain access to all this information. We believe in the equal educational right to all.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life in the generations to come so that we develop as humans and so we all can learn.

Anyone can download all the NCERT Textbook Solutions for free from our website at anytime. I would like to add a few conclusive points,

Science is an important subject and every student must learn it and I think its very important to understand the subject rather than just memorizing it.

You can think of practical ways in which any topic can be applied in. This will help to remember that particular point. Make sure you study on a regular basis.

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